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Rail pan VK-1

Rail pan VK-1

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Rail pan VK-1
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete ClassVolume (m3)Weight (kg)
AZP 04-1923835050,5C 30/37-XF42,86907030


The rail can is intended for collecting of solid and liquid waste after inner and outer cleaning of carriages of ČD, of chemical and petroleum product on tap and 1435 mm gauge stabling tracks.

Design parameters:
positive section moment below rail M0 = +12.0 kNm
negative section moment in the centre M‘0 = -9.5 kNm

Rail type S 49, R 65 with canting 1:20.

Fastening: plane ribbed sole-plate S 4 pl, R 4 pl fastened by coach screws R 1.