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Rail pan VK-3

Rail pan VK-3

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Rail pan VK-3
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete ClassVolume (m3)Weight (kg)
AZP 06-1967229870C 30/37-XF48,915022287


Rail pan VK-3 is intended for collecting of solid and liquid waste after inner and outer cleaning of carriages of ČD on1 435 mm gauge rails. Railway vehicles are in motion on a rail with normal gauge, which is formed by a rail S49 on inclined sole-plates S4.
The cleaning equipment is in motion outside the rail on a separate rail S 49, bedded on flat soleplates S4pl with a distance between lines of 4700 mm. The pan is set into cement mortar about 30 mm thick on a carrying concrete-steel soleplate. The pan bottom is inclined in falling 2 % to one side. Dissolved impurities are drained away to the conducting drain.
It is advised to paint the pan with a protection coat according to collected impurities.