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Switch sleeper S.T.I. ARM (VPS)

Switch sleeper S.T.I. ARM (VPS)

31 Doloplazy

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Switch sleeper S.T.I. ARM (VPS)
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete ClassVolume (m3)Weight (kg)
APP 31-19220 až 47030,422127,5C 50/60-XF10,064 bm160 bm


For points of railway tracks and railway sidings with gauge of 1435 mm.
Determining parameters are axle force up to 250 KN and speed up to 160 Kph.
Rail type: UIC 60, S 49, without dip.
Method of fastening: plain ribbed sole-plate, VOSSLOH – sleeper clip Skl 12, spring steel conversion PANDROL.

Possible combinations: single track connections (JKS), individual solving of mutual combination of several points, double track connection.
Change in falling in common rail is performed in principle on sleepers out of point.