Nástupištní blok levý 66/582021-07-13T06:30:21+02:00
Platform block left L 66/58

Platform block left L 66/58

61 Uherský Ostroh, 51 Nové Hrady, 12 Běstovice, 07 Čerčany, 31 Doloplazy

Platform block left L 66/58
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete ClassVolume (m3)Weight (kg)
AZZ 106-1999,5100661812C 25/30 - XF10,1980490


The platform blocks, left (right) are intended for subfoundation of platforms in railway stations and roadside stations of CR.
The platform blocks replace the platform wall SUDOP (bearing blocks U65, U85, U95, platform building blocks Tischer, filling plates D1, D2, D3). They are intended for forming of platform ramps with decline 8%.

The blocks are laid on a blinding concrete layer 100 mm thick. They are provided with clips for handling and montage. In the upper part of reverse surface they have built-in iron plugs for junction of two neighbouring blocks with the help of strap steel and screws M16.