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Smooth cover plate C-Pr

Smooth cover plate C-Pr

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Smooth cover plate C-Pr
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete ClassVolume (m3)Weight (kg)
IZX 404/19177149,5161006C 35/45-XF40,3796968


It serves for covering of tram roads with gauge of 1,435 mm. The cover plates A, A-Br are intended for laying inside of railroad line, the cover plate B outside of railroad line and the cover plates C, C-Pr between two or more railroad lines. The cover plate C is used for interaxial spacing of railroad lines 3,000 mm and the cover plate C-Pr for 3,100 mm. The cover plates are suitable for all kinds of tram superstructures – combination of various sleepers, rails and fastenings. The cover plates are designed for road load by motor-traffic according to ČSN 736114 and ČSN 730035, i.e. for axle load 110 kN.