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Element of moulding wall 1 - right, left
Element of moulding wall 1 - right, left
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete ClassVolume (m3)Weight (kg)
IZT 62/192961491191883,5C 30/37-XF41,25553150


The products are intended for forming of a precast concrete moulding wall in front of and behind the bridge both in curve and in straight line. They are made in a left and right version. The elements of the moulding wall 1, 2 are equipped with a splayed coping with holes for railing. The products are designed for dead load of elements, filling earth and for load by the load train ČSD T, the standard load of which is given by a set of axle forces 4 x 312.5 kN and by the uniform load 100 kNm-1.