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Custom manufacturing of AMOS bridges
Bridge structures and frame culverts

Custom manufacturing of AMOS bridges

41 Litice

Custom manufacturing of AMOS bridges
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
ZV 0011300**max 11 700


* – as per the project documentation, without any limitations

AMOS bridge prefabs are intended for the road and railway bridges with small and medium span. Such a structure is made by a system of longitudinal AMOS beams acting through a coupled monolithic plate made of AMOS prefab plate as permanent shuttering. The design enables any geometric layout of bridge ground plan and any number of fields. AMOS bridge prefabs are suitable for both new structures and the replacement of current and nonconforming structures. The benefits of variable solution can be seen when replacing horizontal bearing structures – while retaining groundwork. AMOS bridges can be designed as the structures both directly drived and overfilled.
On other custome’s demands is is possible to adjust the beam dimensions after the manufacturer agrees with a designer.