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Custom manufacturing of noise protection panel
Noise and vibration reduction

Custom manufacturing of noise protection panel

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Custom manufacturing of noise protection panel
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete ClassVolume (m3)Weight (kg)
IZX 512/19395, 5951150-310C 30/37-XF40,2170-1,3456532-3,297


Sound protection absorptive panels are made of an iron-concrete bearing panel with width 110 mm, made of concrete C 30/37 – XF4. On customer’s demand fresh concrete can be coloured with coloured pigments. As a reinforcement concrete steel reinforcement 10 505 (R) is used as well as welded mesh 125×250 mm made of steel 10 505 (R) or BSt 500.
Panels can be made in any dimensions with the limitations of only size, production equipment, however mostly for axial distance 4.0 m and height 0.5 – 2.8 m. Sound protection panels are equipped with two thread transport fixtures which also serve for handling and subsequent assembly.
The surface appearance of sound protection panel can be modified by relief by means of dies located in moulds and (or) surface roughening in vertical direction by means of brushed or drawn watering jute. A steel plate is built in panels to rail an element concrete reinforcement. (Need, location and dimensions are adjusted by RDS).

The iron-concrete panel made in this way can be used as „socle“ or „wall reflectance“ one.