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Custom manufacturing of noise protection panel PHS 2
Noise and vibration reduction

Custom manufacturing of noise protection panel PHS 2

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Custom manufacturing of noise protection panel PHS 2
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete Class
IZX 502/19395, 5951150-280C 30/37-XF4


Sound protection panel PHS 2 is an iron-concrete bearing reflectance panel. One side of the panel is pasted with absorptive shaped pieces made of recycled rubber.
The different structure of rubber granulate, abrading, polyutherane binder, dye and other ingredients enables to get noise absorptivity in category A2 to A3.
Absorptive shaped piece is a product made of granulated rubber, rectangular design. It is produced in 6 basic colour tints (black, grey, brown, red, green, blue).
The depth of colour can be modified on customer’s demand. Colour palette can be enhanced through spraying appropriate colours. These plates are distinguished by long lifetime and the ability to retain the same properties in long-run even under adverse climate conditions.
In case of damage the used plates can be fully recycled. Most of sound protection pieces is treated (pasted) in the production plant.
Corner blocks are pasted on a mounted sound protection panel in PHS after the piece is accurately cut. Handling is made through transport fixtures with a ball.