Železobetonový rám DZR 200/110 nespojovaný2021-11-26T06:30:36+01:00
Frame culvert DZR 200/110 non-coupled
Frame culverts and underpasses

Frame culvert DZR 200/110 non-coupled

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Frame culvert DZR 200/110 non-coupled
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete ClassVolume (m3)Weight (kg)
IZM 1/19148240165200110C 35/45-XF42,53906350


The elements DZR 200/110 and DZR 160/180 serve for forming of culverts for water diversion. They are designed for continuous load with upper bed height 1.0 up to 7.0 m and moving load given by the heavy load train ČSD T, the standard load of which is given by a set of axle forces 4 x 312.5 kN and by the uniform load 100 kNm-1.
Note: For use of the elements principles given in the type document „Elements of Railway Frame Culverts, Vol. 200/260 – Part B“ from 1970“ are valid.