Betonové svodidlo BSV typ ŽPSV 110/O-K2021-11-26T06:30:22+01:00
Concrete crash barrier BSV, type ŽPSV 110/O-K
Concrete crash barrier blocks and spitter walls

Concrete crash barrier BSV, type ŽPSV 110/O-K

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Concrete crash barrier BSV, type ŽPSV 110/O-K
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete ClassVolume (m3)Weight (kg)
ABH 202-193996411028961590C 30/37-XF40,90802230


The concrete crash barriers BSV, type ŽPSV 110/O belong to road retaining systems installed on shoulders or in central reserve of a communication over land (roads, motorways, bridges and the like). Purpose of crash barriers is to retain and redirect an uncontrolled car for securing of proportionate safety of passenger in the car and other users of communication over land. They are designed for retaining class H4a.
The concrete crash barriers BSV, type ŽPSV are double-side crash barriers with loose lock arising from the shape New Jersey. In addition to basic normal crash barrier, end crash barriers are produced, too. The end crash barriers are intended for beginning and end of a crash barrier wall. The crash barriers are produced in height of 1,100 mm and length of 3,990 mm.
The carrier system of the crash barrier forms through-going steel bars made of reinforcing steel BSt 500 that are welded on steel locks placed at crash barrier ends. The steel lock is formed by C–section made of steel tube. The junction section – key in shape of „“eye-glasses““ – is formed by two steel tubes interlocked by sheet steel. The steel locks and keys allow easy jointing and loosening. This kind of joint widely facilitates mounting and dismounting of any crash barrier, if need be of the entire section.
The steel lock allows to assembly crash barriers with minimum curve radius of 57 m, which is given by directional movement of one piece 275 mm. Vertical movement of one piece amounts 69 mm. Greater directional and vertical movements are solved by means of atypical key.
The crash barrier are handled by means of lifting devices, usually with cranes, namely with use of textile suspensions threaded through outer drainage holes.
The concrete crash barriers BSV, type ŽPSV 110/O have the retaining level H4a and the cross deformation 1.72 m determined on the basis of successful crash tests performed in May, 2002.