The company ŽPSV s.r.o. has its own design office and cooperates with leading design offices in the Czech Republic.
We provide:
Static part documentation for:
- zoning decisions, building permits, implementation documentation
Provision of the "Design and built" project
- own design of the structure leading to economic savings from the study to the implementation of the construction
Optimized design based on tender documentation and subsequent processing of production and technical documentation.

We will advise - We will propose - We will build

The company ŽPSV s.r.o. has its own production capacity throughout the Czech Republic with operations in Slovakia.

Production capacity for buildings:

Čerčany 2000 - 2500 m3 / month (according to assortment)
Litice nad Orlicí 1500 - 2000 m3 / month (according to assortment)
Uherský Ostroh 700 m3
Doloplazy 600 m3
The company ŽPSV s.r.o. has a molding technique that allows the production of prefabrication:


- foundation beams, foundation panels (insulated, uninsulated)
- retaining walls
- loading docks
- columns
- trusses, purlins, stiffeners, dies, beams
- portals, walls, etc.

Residential houses:

- staircase
- balconies
- filigree
- elevator shafts
- retaining walls, walls, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our experienced salesmen will be happy to advise you.