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Element of spitter wall P3
Concrete crash barrier blocks and spitter walls

Element of spitter wall P3

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Technical conditions of delivery

Element of spitter wall P3
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Concrete ClassVolume (m3)Weight (kg)
ABH 53-1920045506101127C 30/37-XF40,1740418


The elements of spitter walls P1, P2, P3 are intended for temporary traffic guiding, namely in all places where no crash barriers are needed according to regulations in force and running speed is limited to 60 Kph. They exploit their shape, weight and interconnection for holding and return of possibly breaking away car. The spitter wall made of these elements is able to catch passenger car crash at speed of 60 Kph and crash angle of 10° and other vehicles up to weight of 10 tons at speed of 60 Kph and crash angle up to 10°. These elements can be used as protection of foot-paths and cycle-ways, for separation of drive ways, mid strips, as safety fence and the like, namely optionally without or with protective fence.
The elements have in section a shape of several times tapering trapeze upward, similarly as concrete crash barriers type New Jersey. The element P2 is a half of the element P1. The element P3 has chamfering of upper surface in relation 1:2.3 and is used for ending of the spitter wall of elements P1, eventually P2.
In the upper surface at both faces there are built-in plastic dowels, in which joint parts and also protective fence are fastened.
In the bottom surface they have longitudinal and cross over ducts serving for drainage, if need be for cable guide. The cross over ducts can be used for manipulation with a fork-lift truck. The edges on the elements are rounded.