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Custom manufacturing of prestressed joining beams
Roof trusses, purlins

Custom manufacturing of prestressed joining beams

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Technical conditions of delivery

Custom manufacturing of prestressed joining beams
TrademarkDimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
ZV 013max 3600max 100max 220max 70 000


For saddle roofs of halls up to span 24 m. Type production of prestressed joining beams with I cross section, structural length 18 m and 24 m. These joining beams have indented gridiron for putting on a pole or girder. Type joining beams are designed for frame module 6 m (for roof cassette iron-concrete panels) for calculation load stable + random 3,16 kN/m2. Thorns protruding from the upper collar can be alternatively replaced by built-in steel plates for weld fixation of steel binding rafters or trapezial sheet metal. Under joining beams a lower ceiling can be suspended with total weight up to 50 kg/m2. Above the bottom collar are in 150 cm distance hole couples for lower ceiling fixation, lighting or installations. Joining beams with other dimensions are handled in an individual production documentation.